Eli Kaplan Wildmann
creates saturated, exciting images as he directs and designs for theater, urban installations and environments. He is based in his favorite city, Jerusalem, and works in New York and Israel.
עלי קפלן וילדמן
הוא יוצר ומעצב של תיאטרון ומיצגים, ומשתמש בכלים קונספטואליים וצבעוניים כדי לספר סיפורים. הוא אוהב את, וגר, בירושלים, ועובד בניו יורק וישראל
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...full of vintage typography, architectural details and design inspiration...
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Eli Kaplan Wildmann is a designer and artistic director living and working in his favorite city, Jerusalem. He is one of the founders of the city's Starcatcher Theater, where he serves as director/designer for musicals; he also directed the premiere production of a new Israeli musical, “Solika.” Stateside, he has worked extensively on designing spaces for television, theater and events. His site-specific installations have been presented by various festivals in Israel. He studied set design and directing at NYU’s Drama Department.
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  • Custom Gobo On Treated Brick Wall

    Custom Gobo On Treated Brick Wall

    Tricks The Devil Taught Me

  • Plastic Seahorse Puppet

    Plastic Seahorse Puppet

    A Thousand Thousand Slimy Things

  • A Morphing Collage Moon, Full Phase

    A Morphing Collage Moon, Full Phase


  • Make 'em Laugh Sequence

    Make 'em Laugh Sequence

    Singin' In The Rain

  • Hallucinatory Powder Infused Flowers

    Hallucinatory Powder Infused Flowers


  • Flower Window at Mrs. Higgins' House

    Flower Window at Mrs. Higgins' House


  • Explosion Of Prophecy

    Explosion Of Prophecy

    Dry Bones

  • A Fictional Shiny Iron Lung

    A Fictional Shiny Iron Lung

    City Of Angels

  • Translucent Rose Window

    Translucent Rose Window

    St. Joan